woensdag 11 april 2012

Antwerp, April 7 - 9, 2012....

Dear friends,

At the last minute just booked a hotel in Antwerp and  traveled to Belgium last Saturday, with my friend Colleen.
Op het raampje van de
We stayed in a nice neighborhood close to the Fashion Museum and within walkingdistance from the Grotemarkt.

First day we explored the surroundings, lunch and went back to the hotel for some restFinally,I'm still having  whiplash problems and dystrophy ..... So do not force anything!!!

In the evening we had some nice sushi's just around the corner and went back to the hotel.

Sunday we had a nice tour with the so called "hop on - hop off" bus and got off the bus at Wijk het Zuid.... great area and nice market.
We went for lunch @ Elimil and had  delicious  pancakes and drinks with this lovely lady and her daughter.
We found a wonderful shop with amulets and just felt like buying one and did.... of course.....
In the evening we went to the Grotemarkt for dinner;  back to the hotel at ten o'clock.Watching some TV; FB and get to sleep.

Next morning breakfast and stroll ....... 2:30 back at the hotel and took a taxi to the railway station .......

 in The Hague and straight to Walong, were we had our dinner at 5.

Well.... this was a short update and first small trip this year...... 


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